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Sanitary Landfill - Methane to Energy

In 2009, Chrin Brothers, Inc. and PPL Renewable Energy, LLC, entered into an agreement which allowed for the creation of the Green Energy Park by Chrin Brothers, Inc. or the Chrin / PPL Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) project.

With the landfill on the south side of Interstate 78 and the Green Energy Park being located in the Glendon Business Park, Phase III on the north side of the interstate, it was necessary to bore under the roadway to connect the two.

In June 2010, the construction of a 400 foot long 54" diameter boring under Interstate 78 (I-78) began. This boring, lined with a 48" - 5/8" thick structural steel casing, contains the various gas, water and other support piping. The boring operation took approximately six months being completed in early December.

The LFGTE is located on Hilton Street in the Glendon Business Park, Phase III. Here, the two (2) engines provide 3.2 Mega Watts (MW) of power to the PJM Interconnection which provides electricity to thirteen (13) states and the District of Columbia.

The two (2) LFGTE engines produce enough electrical power for approximately 2,200 homes. With the exception of scheduled maintenance, these units are producing this power 24 hours a day seven day a week. In addition, since the site was originally designed for three (3) engines a third engine may be added to the site in the near future. This would bring the site output to 4.8 MW, or enough power for approximately 3,300 homes.

The Methane-to-Energy Process

This landfill gas-to-energy project will reduce annual greenhouse emissions by 40 million pounds of carbon dioxide by avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emission is equivalent to:

  • Reducing the import of 42,000 barrels of oil
  • Removing 3,400 cars from the road
  • Saving 2 million gallons of gasoline

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